NeutronOptics - Installing the AMCap macro to acquire camera images with ImageJ

Installing the AMCap macro to acquire camera images with ImageJ

The AMCap/StillCap macro was developed from the ImageJ Video Capture Tool for use with NeutronOptics cameras.
To modify the AMCap.txt script controlling StillCap from ImageJ see the list of StillCap commands

To install and update ImageJ

To take Video Snapshots using StillCap

Optional corrections for Barrel/Pincushion lens distortions (essential for precise measurements)

To use the AMCap.txt ImageJ plugin

Start capturing images


Common Problems

A common error with two cameras is to invert the video cables, confusing camera #1 with camera #2. Temporarily unplug one camera to check that you know which is which. If you get it wrong, their sum will be nonsense.

Check AMCap parameters for all cameras. AMCap will open when you close the capture options window. For each camera Device, check that you see an image, setting the Options for Video Capture Filter to PAL, Capture Pin Output Size to 720x576 and Crossbar to "Video Composite In" with "Video Decoder Out". If a camera image is black, check the cables and eventually close and re-open AMCap.

Remember that the images remain stored on the cameras while the red Freeze (FRZ) button is on. This ImageJ script can be used repeatedly to read out and sum these stored images, without the need for a new exposure.

Be patient. Don't repeatedly click the ImageJ camera icon. It takes a few seconds to read and process the images. Watch the progress bar at the bottom of the ImageJ interface.