You may use the standard NeutronOptics quotation to mail or preferably email your company order form to All prices are FCA Grenoble. Please specify your account number with your preferred carrier at the time of order.

NeutronOptics Grenoble is a registered supplier to the European Commission and to the United States Government - Nato NCAGE code FAU98, DUNS number 295620624 on the Central Contractor Registration database.

Our agent in Japan for government orders is Clear Pulse Ltd. Contact Akinori Yamaguchi

Please specify if you want the video or slim USB CCD, and the neutron or x-ray camera

  • 1x Mini i-Cam     36 mm neutron or x-ray camera, including CCD          € 1 950

  • 1x Hi-res- macro camera with standard scintillators (add CCD cost)      € 2 450

  • 1x Compact    75x 50 mm neutron or x-ray camera v.4 (55mm thick)     € 2 700

  • 1x Larger      100x 60 mm neutron or x-ray camera v.4 (55mm thick)     € 2 850

  • 1x Slim         100x 50 mm neutron or x-ray camera v.4 (44 mm thick)    € 2 950

  • 1x Improved 100x100 mm neutron or x-ray camera v.4 (77mm thick)     € 3 350

  • 1x Improved 125x125 mm neutron or x-ray camera v.4 (105mm thick)   € 3 750

  • 1x Simple     200x100 mm neutron guide tube camera v.4 (75mm thick) € 3 850

  • 1x Custom    150x120 mm neutron or x-ray camera v.5 (100mm thick)   € 4 150

  • 1x Custom     200x150 mm Neutron or X-ray camera v.5 (125mm thick)  € 4 450

  • 1x 1-CCD 125x100 mm Laue backscatter camera with cooled 1" CCD      € 5 950

  • 1x 250x200mm hi-res L-shaped imaging camera with fast 1" Sony CCD    € 9 950

  • 1x Upgrade to hires 1392x1040 or higher CCD (smaller cameras)    from € 1 000

    Prices hors VAT. For more prices and options, see the standard NeutronOptics quotation
    For custom requirements, please email

    V.4 cameras are in standard Al extruded boxes. V.5 cameras are in custom Al boxes.
    All cameras are supplied with a 12v/110-220V power supply, all necessary cables including a 10m video or USB extension cable with Windows drivers and software.

    Neutron sensitivity of the cameras is inversely proportional to their sensitive area.
    The smaller cameras are suitable for neutron beams of 104 to 109
    Cameras larger than 150x120mm require neutron beams of at least 105
    Weaker beams can be imaged, but require >10 sec exposures with cooling.

    After billing, pay either by bank transfer or by Credit Card.

    For amounts under €1000, and after approval by NeutronOptics, use any of the common credit cards or your PayPal account. PayPal is a large international payment company, and it is safer to use your credit card with PayPal than with many smaller companies.